martes, 8 de marzo de 2011


in this class we learned about our past as children
my house

My House

When she was a girl lived  in house of my grandparents, because my cousins passed there of their childhood, others who had many friends my own age with whom I played
My Parents

I remember my parents taking me a lot of walking weekends

My brothers

 I do not remember much from my brothers because I did not live with them

My Grandparents

I lived all my childhood with them were like my parents and took care of me whenever Iwas playing in the stree


  I do not like for anything the vegetables, ate lots of candy and pasta was what I liked best

My friends

when I was little my cousins were my best friends near my house also had other friends, almost every afternoon playing with them

My toys.

I had my barbies but I got bored very easily of them preferred a ball, I loved to playsoccer or volleyball


  when I was small I did not like the music but the most heard was "los pollitos dicen " my grandmother always sang

I did not like the kindergarten my aunt had to carry me, when I get to school I liked a little more

a Vacation

   We enjoyed going to the beach that was the whole family